How do Sports Betting Odds Work?

Predicting sports results and making a bet on the outcome is known as sports betting. The vast majority of sports bets are done on soccer, football, basketball, baseball, hockey, track cycling, car racing, mixed martial arts, and boxing, both at amateur and professional levels, depending on the culture. Non-athletic activities, such as reality show competitions and political elections, as well as non-human competitions, such as horse racing and greyhound racing, can all be covered by sports betting.

Odds in Sports Betting

To receive the best returns from your bets, you must first learn how to read sports betting odds. To properly manage your bankroll, it’s crucial to understand not only what sports bookies think, but also how much you can expect from a successful ticket.

(British) odds, decimal (European) odds, and American (moneyline) odds are the three most popular odds formats. The three have distinct formats, but they all provide the same information to sports bettors. You can not only understand them with a little knowledge, but you can also take advantage of them and convert them for your own benefit.

All three sports betting odds are simply different ways of providing the same information to the bettor. From MMA betting to greyhound betting and everything in between, understanding how to read betting odds is critical to determining how much to wager in order to win a specific amount of money.

sports betting odds

American Sports Betting Odds (moneyline)

The most often used lines in the United States and Canada are American odds, sometimes known as US odds or moneyline odds.

A minus symbol (-) appears next to the odds for favorites, indicating the amount you must wager to win $ 100. Underdog odds, on the other hand, are denoted by a plus sign (+), signifying the amount gained for every $100 wager. In both circumstances, you’ll get your original stake returned in addition to the winnings. The discrepancy between the odds for the favorite and the outsider grows as the favorite’s chances of winning grow.

American odds feature a plus or minus number and reflect how much a stake is worth based on $100. Bettors aren’t required to wager $100; it’s only a convenient round number used by oddsmakers.


At a sportsbook, the matchup between Team A and Team B can look like this:

+115 for Team A

-125 for Team B

The underdog, as shown by the plus-value, is Team A. If you bet $100 on Team A and they win, you will profit $115. Team B, on the other hand, has a minus sign as the favorite, which indicates how much you’d have to bet to win $100. In the Team B winning scenario, a winning wager of $125 would result in a profit of $100.

sport betting odds

British Sports Betting Odds (fractional)

The British and Irish are big fans of fractional odds (sometimes called British odds, U.K odds, or conventional odds). They’re frequently sold as “two to one” and are written with a “slash (/)” or a “hyphen (-)”, for example 2/1 or 2-1.

If a club were favored by 8-1 in the World Series, a $100 wager would yield a $800 profit. At a 5/2 rate, $100 earns $250.


Team A: 10/11
Team B: 9/4
Team B: 7/1

In the preceding example, if you placed $ 10 on Team A to win, you may profit $ 9.91 [$ 10 x (10/11)] and recover your initial $ 10 stake, for a total payout of $ 19.91. However, if you placed $ 10 on Team B to win, you may win an extra $ 22,5 [$ 10 x (9/4)], bringing your total payout to $ 32,5. The potential payoff from a C team victory is much bigger, at $ 70 [$ 10 x (7/1)]. With the initial $ 10 stake returned, the total payoff would be $ 80.

sports betting ods

European Sports Betting Odds (decimal)

In mainland Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, decimal odds (also known as European odds, digital odds, or continental odds) are widely used. These are a little simpler to comprehend and use. By looking at the figures, underdogs and favorites can be quickly distinguished.

The decimal value is defined solely by the total win, which includes the starting stake. To calculate your total winnings, multiply your wager by the odds.

If a team is listed at 2.00, it means that if you buy a winning ticket, you will double your money. In general, a team is considered the favorite to win if its odds are less than 2.00, while it is considered the underdog if its odds are greater than 2.00. Because 1.00 is the starting stake, you will never see a negative value in decimal places.


3.00 for Team A
1.3 for Team B.

These figures represent the amount of money that can be made for each dollar staked. As a result, a bet of $100 on Team A to win the championship might result in a total payoff of $300 ($100 x 3.00). This includes a $100 initial stake, resulting in a net profit of $200.

Similarly, if a bettor successfully bets $ 100 on Team B, he might receive a total payoff of $ 130 ($ 100 x 1.3). The bettor gets the net profit after deducting $ 100 from the payout.

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