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IMPERIAL BET is a sports betting website designed to meet the needs of the most discerning bettors and fans in Brazil, the region with the highest potential audience in this segment. As a result, the brand tagline is IMPERIAL BET, Brazil’s greatest sports betting site.

For the bettor to have fun with numerous sorts of betting, the site provides a simple, straightforward, and safe interface. It is possible to gamble on the world’s major championships and sports such as football, basketball, tennis, ufc, and boxing through IMPERIAL BET.

The customer must read the regulations attentively and only place a wager after agreeing to them in their entirety.
The total amount of the reward given for a single bet is limited at BRL 100,000.00. 
Minimum bets of BRL 1.00 (One real) and maximum bets of BRL 500.00  per ticket will be accepted, but duplicated identical games with sums greater than BRL 2,000.00 (Two Thousand Reals) will not be accepted.), for a scalper login, as well as attempts to cheat bets, will not be accepted. (MAXIMUM BET OF BRL 2,000.00 PER EXCHANGER) In the event of FRAUD, only the amount specified above will be accepted, and the additional amounts will be rejected.

Each management is only allowed to pay the maximum prize per repeated bet of 200,000.00 (two hundred thousand reais), and any repeats that surpass this restriction will be lost.
We will not pay for games that have already been played but are still in the system due to failure, time error, or anticipated games.

In the case of canceled bets, the values will be computed, and the amount wagered on the event will be reimbursed, with only the games that were successfully played being paid.
If a combination with two or more games is postponed or cancelled, the value of the games will be received.
Games are scheduled to be postponed or canceled for up to 24 hours in the other betting alternatives.

All games are decided at the end of 90 minutes of play, which includes the referee’s stoppage time. Extra time or a penalty shootout will not be used.
The game shall be declared postponed or canceled and excluded if it does not finish in regular time, regardless of the amount of time that has passed.

If the match is not completed, the stakes will be returned with a reduction in the exchanger’s commission, with the exception of the responsible federation commenting within 24 hours. Once a wager has been placed and accepted, customers cannot cancel or amend it.

The company cannot be held liable for any human typing error, third parties (market quotes), or any tangible error in relation to any product or information made available. The company reserves the right to void any bet that has been placed in the event that such errors have occurred, as determined by the company.
 You have up to TEN DAYS to collect your prize.

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