Easy Money Strategy 101 - How to use it in Gambling

The Easy Money technique is one of the most widely used sports betting systems in the world, and it is also one of the few that, when used correctly, can result in big profits for bettors.

The Easy Money strategy entails placing a large bet on a single, safe bet. The amount earned is then used for another, equally safe wager if the ticket is won – which it should be given that you are betting on a single prediction with very low odds. 

A specified number of bets are usually placed until a specific amount is reached. As a result, it is critical that you know when to stop betting because, as you are well aware, nothing is guaranteed in betting.

easy money strategy

We start with a stake of 10 dollars and want to get 30 dollars. Basically, to multiply our investment three times.
We bet 10 dollars on an odds of 1.20 we get 12 dollars
Bet $12 on odds of 1.17 and you get $14
Bet $14 on odds of 1.28 and you get $18
Bet $18 on odds of 1.21 and you get $21
Bet 21 dollars on odds of 1.24 and you get 26 dollars
Bet $26 on odds of 1.29 and you get $33
That’s when we’ve reached our goal. We can take the $20 profit and start again with $10.

If you’re the type of gambler who has a lot of patience but a small bankroll, the Easy Money approach is for you! Furthermore, with a little inspiration, you can consistently win on a consistent basis, which is every gambler’s goal. However, it’s critical not to pick your odds at random. The fact that the chances are low does not rule out the possibility of losing the bets. As a result, my advice is to pick your bets with care, imagination, and as much study as possible. 

I also recommend stopping and restarting the method once you’ve made a reasonable profit, so you don’t lose when the world is most precious to you. Be satisfied with smaller and more frequent gains, instead of trying to make huge gains by following numerous steps. 

easy money strategy

Easy Money Strategy Pros & Cons

Other techniques, such as the Martingale, are harder to use because we need to win dozens of bets to double our bankroll. We may easily double or quadruple our bankroll with just a few wagers if we use Easy Money. Our wagers are relatively safe, with a high likelihood of winning. So hitting a string of winning bets isn’t difficult. 

We can make a lot of bets in a single day, especially if we play live (but the risks are higher too). So we can achieve some noticeable outcomes in just a few hours or days at most. It’s a good technique for punters with a large bankroll as well as those with a little one. In fact, it’s about the only method that low-rollers can employ and win significant amounts of money. However, you’ll need a thorough understanding of each bet as well as a lot of luck.

Any bet that is lost results in the whole loss of the bank. It doesn’t matter if you win the first four bets but lose the fifth. In that instance, we lose both the profit and the amount invested, and we must reinvest to make up for our losses. There is no such thing as a safe bet. We’ve also seen wagers with odds of 1.01 that were unsuccessful. Sure, the chances are slim, but anything may happen. 

Many bettors have a shaky mentality, enabling themselves to be swayed by the outcome of a particular wager. After a string of 4-5 winning bets, they will become overconfident, feeling that there is no chance a surprise will occur on the following one, and their analysis will become more superficial. After a losing bet, however, people may become frustrated at the prospect of having to start over and place a series of 4-5 bets to make up for prior losses.

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